Chapter 1


  Your mother and you are my only living descendents. It doesn’t matter how much I beg, I shall not live forever. As I is I have all ready lived too long. I shall not last much longer, so hear what I write. No matter what you say to me I know that your mother doesn’t look after you as she should. For this I leave you my house and all its possessions. I leave you half my fortune, while the other half, as much as I resist, goes to your mother. Look after my house, possessions and all the inhabitants. You’ll be eighteen soon, so you can move in then. I’ll tell your granddad you said hi.

   Love Grandma

I read the letter over and over. I already have it printed to my brain. My crazy grandma. There's three things she has wrong. First, my grandma had two kids. Aunt Maggie and her three kids. Grandma was losing her mind at the time though.

  Second, no-one lives forever. Grandma said it all the time. You don't live forever, so don't waste the life given to you by people you love. She thought people who believed in immortality were idiots.

  Crazy old bat.

  Finally, inhabitants? If the house is infested with some kind of life form, then I'm calling an exterminator. I'm not going to live in some rat-infested hell-hole.

  Grandma said mum was to have half her fortune, but mum isn't around. Even Aunt Maggie doesn't know where she is. I just told aunt Maggie to take the money. Mum and Maggie look the same. It is easy to pass them off as each other. It's not like anyone will see mum again for a few months. More than likely, she's off with another "boyfriend". I honestly don't care anymore. That's why I'm happy to move.

  The last few months have been nice. Aunt Maggie has been nice. She's let me stay at her place until I turned eighteen last month. She's so kind, helping me sort all my stuff to move. We loaded everything into the car yesterday.

  Now here I am. In the village of Wooding. Only a handful of people live here, but it's how I like it; out of the way and hidden. Whenever I visited Grandma she always told me how the community used to have thousands of people. Then things happened. No-one knows for sure what happened, but people started to disappear. The locals got scared and moved away. About twenty years age people started moving back. Nothing strange has happened since then.

  Wooding is a nice place. I know some of the people here already from my numerous amount of trips over the years. Now I have to get to know everyone. As of today, I'm officially part of Wooding.

  It's a beautiful place. Most of the buildings were built in to the mountain side. Trees overhang the houses everywhere. It's a place to fall in love with.

  I pull up outside the local estate agents. I let the engine idle for a minute before turning it off. I sigh and pull myself out of the car. Let's get this over with.

  The estate agents is small, like most the shops here. It's very dim. There's only one desk at the back of the room. I can hear the quiet hum of the computer.

  A man is sitting behind the desk, typing away at the computer. I wonder what he's looking at. He hasn't heard me come in yet. Should I tell him? I don't want to scare him.

  I clear my throat. The man looks up from his desk. He stares at me for a minute, then smiles.

"You must me Emilia," the man says in a whisper. "My name is James Clarkson. Your grandmother told me you would be coming."

  Right. So everyone knows each other around here. I wonder why James speaks in a whisper. It's as there's someone dead and he doesn't want them to hear.

"Yes, that's me," I answer, following his hushed tone.

"One second," James says before I can continue. He starts searching through the draws in his desk. "It's here somewhere...hmm...that's not it. Ah, here it is!"

  He pulls a small silver key out of the bottom draw of his desk. He stands up and walks around his desk. James stops in front of me and presses the key into my hand.

"Do you know where the house is?" he asks. I nod. "Good. I'm not meant to leave my post incase someone comes in. I'll check up on you later."

"Goodbye," I say.

  I walk out the door, clenching the key in my hand. I throw open the car door and start the engine. James is a bit odd. Incase someone come in? Why would anyone who enjoys civilization want to come here? And when he put the key into my hand, it felt like the key was going to cut me. He wouldn't stop staring at me either. I shudder and pull away from the curb. This place is odd.

  The road to grandma's house isn't long, but it's shorter to get there directly by foot. Taking the car means you have to go the long way round, but I want to get my stuff to the house.

  I follow the twists and turns of the road. The village was made to fit in with the surrounding forest to preserve its' natural beauty or something.

  I take a sharp left. It's a very hard turn to get if you don't know where it is. I only remember it's there because of the post box opposite.

  I follow the path. It's a bit overgrown, as grandma never used a car to get around. I can see the house through the trees. I speed up a little. I'd rather get there during daylight than at night. I pull up in front of the house.

  I kill the engine and climb out of the car. It's eerily silent after being in the car. I walk to the boot and pull out two suitcases. I walk quickly to the front door. I feel like there's something watching me. The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck.

  I put the cases down in front of the door. I glance around. There's definitely no-one here. I push the key into the door and let my self in. I kick the suitcases in and shut the door quickly.

  It's probably nothing. I mean, everyone feels like this at some point, right? It doesn't mean anyone's watching me. I sigh. Picking up the suitcases I head for the stairs.

  I step on the stairs. I freeze as I hear a crash.

The End

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