Wind Whistles

  A cathedral rising from the tree tops. Anyone would wonder why this place is classed as a village. It's probably because most the locals were scared away. Now they're about to lose one more.

  I can hear them. They're not far away from me. The thud of there feet and their heavy breathing is all around me, even though they are only behind me. How much longer do I have?

  Coming to this place was the worst decision I have made. Sure, I made friends with the few hundred people here, but so what? Is death really worth a few friends?

  Yes, a voice in the back of my head replies. I sigh. Well, it's more of a sharp gasp than anything. I would die for my new friends because they really care. Plus they're nicer than everyone else I know.

  Is death really worth a few friends? Yes. It is.

  The trees are starting thin. I'm getting closer to the cathedral. If I can just make it inside. I'll make it. I'll be safe. I wonder if this will work. It better. I'm not going to die in vain. I made a promise.

  I will make it.

The End

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