Why We Rock

This is the first song I actually ever finished writing. Go ahead- tear it to pieces. I want it criticized to hell and back. I need to know what I am doing wrong, so I can fix it.

Anger, confusion, sadistic delusions,not much more that I can say

that doesn't scream of self hate.

I think of monsters and madness and I'm home again-

yes, it's sick, but I can't control it. Let it all fall away for a moment...


I'm gonna rock (ROCK) rock it all away,

I'm gonna (ROCK) rock away the hate,

I'm gonna rock (ROCK) jumping up and down,

I"m Gonna Rock (ROCK) thrashing all around,

I'm gonna rock (ROCK) to more than just a sound-

It's the feeling that you get when you don't get nothing right,

and you wanna break free, but you don't know how to fight

It's the needing to freak out, an addiction needle free,

It's the safest way to go, when you need a place to be

It's all that I am

It's all that I have,

Everything that I love,

in an unforgiving world.

All that I can do

Is just rock (ROCK) rock it all away

I'm gonna rock(ROCK) rock away the hate

I'm gonna rock (ROCK) jumping up and down

I'm Gonna rock (ROCK) thrashing all around

I'm gonna rock (ROCK)  just to leave it all behind


just to escape


just to live another day

The End

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