The Book Of Earth

Out of all of history that we have understood and witnessed, we know that there is weakness in the intellect of men. Mankind, over the process of history, has been subjected to a vulnerable state of feeling, of thinking, of the mind. We have been subjected to misconceptions and other misapprehensions of the state of reality that we had been made vulnerable in. It is then that these weak minds are subjected to a fallacy, and perhaps life under a deceit of words and understandings. It is elementary that mankind's greatest weakness is deception. For the instance of the Christian Bible, the Devil's greatest advantage over humans is our ignorance, and thus the Devil wins over us under deception. Throught time, mankind has been subjected to deception, and along that, being victimized into fools. It is now feasible to fool the common man, for the trait is universal. To my questioning of reality, one question appears; is there more to this than what meets the bare eye?

As William Shakespear said, ''All the world's a stage, ...'', and his word may be true. Our world may be a stage itself; a play, a story, as Shakespear regarded us, and religions; merely concepts of mankind, and war; merely products of man's inhumane wrath over one another. Cities and nations and unions; simply man's seed on Earth. Accomplishments and acheivements and successions; simply one giant step for mankind. We live in our own selves; by our own misconceptions and errors, by our own hunger for satisfaction over the most questionable of thinkings. May religion simply be our own hunger for satisfaction over the most unanswerable subjects lingering in life? It may be that religion is one simple thinking of man; one step in history; one mark of man, and nothing else. Religion being just like an old nation of people, one union: a nation of a united people, allied under a creed, a belief for their spirit of loyalty to their united country, and they fight under that same spirit: ''We are both love and unity, and we shall fight for freedom and unity.''; and under that, an entire nation is mentaly subjected to a belief, and by that belief, a nation stands high and mighty, like religion, like the American nation, like the whole of the Earth. So then, it has been made clearer, that we live in our own burdens, our own suffering and wrath, and our own happiness and joy, and not the pain or joy from higher forces, but from ourselves. We are pain. We are joy. We are beauty. We are death. We ourselves are our own emotions, manifesting both positivity and negativity unto ourselves, imprisoned on the Earth with ourselves, and our own miscellanies.

The End

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