Always War

As Albert Einstein mentioned, ''So long as there are men, there will be wars.'', and as he did say this, it is, in many mentalities, very true. We have seen, in our past goings of time, elaborate ways of attempts in human unification. I'll remind you, before any other explanation into conflict, that the human complextion is not only composed of human intellect and an exeeding power in evolution, but is established upon a base of primative, animal intellectuality, suggesting that we are unique creatures in the animal kingdom, who have proceeded out of the primative era of apes, or as philosophical reasoning has led us to think today. As animals can wage fight against each other, so will the human aggregation. As long as the human cranium holds the illness of savage instinct, which can be reached in critical periods of the human experience, there will be the ego, which is the human want and need of things, and it is this that will always have the humans consider war, in anger, hate, rage, fear, etc.

With this consideration, it is definite, and in no possibility, that mankind will ever reach the state of peace. As long as there are men, there will be sufferring, pain, unjustness and fear, and with it, war. It is a cycle in itself that humanity brings upon itself. Yet, there is only one simple way to engage into combat against immorality, total control. Totalitarianism is just one absolute way into human peace, or the complete control of all human actions and ideas. This is in likeness, in that, if an animal were to become unstable, suppression shall indeed arrest the creature, in control of anything in that instance. Suppression is power, and that is the idealism into a totalitarian advantage. To suppress the animal, is to suppress it's control. There, the vulnerability is taken upon the animal, and the most highest is in control.

Being, still, a primative society, somewhat, war will be always, and without humans directly, and only humans, precious life is not lost, not anywhere about the planet. If it is considered, perhaps, a conditioned society of a particular race of people, and these people are at everlasting harmony, without fear, hunger, or sin, then these are nothing of human likeness, and perhaps not human at all, since being human is to suffer and to cherrish, to deconstruct and to love everlastingly. That is being human. Although, in thinking of casting away all the evil and human mistake of the world, complete obliteration of earth and its inhabitants is nesseccery, in the matter of determining morality in ending what causes all wrong, and that is man, mankind, our worst enemy!

The End

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