All Living Beings And Mankind

How our origin was established, it is unsure for mankind over this planet at the hour. Although our conceiving is an enigma to science and reason today, we can turn and look forth upon those other animals that inhabit this live world about us. Is it not, the other way, that we live among them in mystery and just as alien as those others who inhabit the stars?

We see, in fact, the unique difference between the animal and the human. Our evolutionary forwarding has made us, physicaly, suited for intelligent behavior and instinct. Although, on the other hand, animals, far much more inferior to mankind in the state of superior intelligence, the beasts, were cunstructed under process into a suitable shape for advantage under harsh condition. In the wild, they proceeded into seemingly savage beings, while ''homo sapien sapiens'' grew out of an ideal state, after the dinosaurs, of suitable habitats for simple life, while animals struggled every day in the natural environments of earth for another day of life and nurishment, absolutely. It is beyond our scope, our thinking of how humans came to be with magnificant intellect. It is possible that it was evolutionary based on environmental changes, as said about the reptilians millions of years ago. Being just a theory, since not much out of scientific proof has been made true or factual, other ideas are conjured about.

Intelligent design of the human species is also another, or secondary ideal theory, now that such an age of biological study and technology is tidiously, but moving fast, approaching a conclusion on human origin. There is more factuality on other worldly possibilities than there is of the missing link on ape-to-man transformations. We today, on the scientific world of study and technology, stem cell research, yet unsure of its moral characteristics, is well on its immediate way into creation of life out of life itself. Diseases curable in distant yet close times, and life made suitable and lasting, etc. With this, we can see how, somewhat, living, intelligent primates of bipedal construction were created into a superior race of a social mentality. Surely this is true, our cranial composition of brain properties still include, hidden deep in the human genome, of abruptly peiced sides of animal and human parts, human and non-human elements in the brain. This is the magnificance of the human race, both an intellect advancement and an animal marvel, in the eyes of science.

The difference is made steadily, that we are far more extraordinary than any other living interactive organism; both savage under ancient primal instinct, and efficient under evolutionary or created process of the human mind. We are the highest of things in the evolution of life as we know it.

The End

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