The War Of Armageddon

Armageddon, or the notorious reference to the space of unknown time nearing the apocalypse, could indeed conclude who humanity really is, and will determine the fate of many, perhaps everyone walking the earth from now until the last day. If it should be that devastation of a war yet to conjure itself up about, or the global calamities produced by our own faulty actions or actions of a higher force, almost every linked branch of belief automaticly interprets the meaning of Armageddon. A place of the coming holy battle, one asserts, or the catastrophic end-time for all things here on earth. Although, according to Islam, it will be the war of all wars, in that this will be the greatest war that will ever be fought between two factions on our world. Yet it isn't the war of what we see as great killings and death, but an internal strain between two forces, in the fight for the human mind, the soul.

The greatest war to ever be fought, as it is said by Islam, is on the mission in capturing the human thought, in the war of a spiritual battle, as it is. The evil oppositions shall surely challenge the human mind into a deceptive struggle, with the wrong cotradicting the good. Who shall, from both aims, win the war over the human spirit? This is the war that mankind is challanged into decided paths, under the win of the evil forces, or under the win of the forces of everything holy, only man can choose from that time in human history.

The End

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