Why Man Considers The Good

Being only mortal, humanity, as a unit, is strained under progressive infliction, and those other sorrowes which fill human life. If it isn't war, or hate, or the nature that carries this planet along, then it is surely, in man's internal strife, the human ego that inprisons our internal resolution, that resolution of the greatest realization that a primative intelligence could ever conceive. It is until this period in history that a perfected, new age world will rise, over the old, anguished one, and will be considered as the most critical time of the century (when the human ego, which is evolutionarily in genetics, will completely vanish from all sorts of consciousness).

Being only mortal, or vulnerable to what is affective to us gravely, with the vicious contamination of the ego, is being only as the same as the rest of the animals occupying this living world. There is a universal constance, that in all mortal creatures, from the ego of the primative stages of evolution, or early creation, that the fight shall always be the continuance of our lives, if it should be war between beliefs, instead of war between cultures, or all in the same mentality. In a general manner, the human struggle will always exist in many forms, if it should be external, and then become uncontrollably internal. What is life if there is no pain, then?

It is seen that humanity relies on the hope of higher strengths, and that something beyond them, other than themselves, would insure them into a salvation of sort, in the hope, that they should fight by, that they should discover what is good to them, as they consider it to be better than anything else here on the earth. But, as I'll remind you, with humanity being short in life by the second, we will consider what is good necessary, and what is bad as deadly or against our mortal living. Although, if this were false, and without existance in this reality, then that will be the envisioned age of being.

If there should be no death, no pain, no consequencial outcomes, no fear, or in general, humans no longer being mortal, then what we saw as bad will be better, and what we saw as good will be forgotten. In this, what was cherrished or loved, such as others or being alive, would seem completely obsolete to us then, as we are insured by our immortal, fearless living. What would be hated or feared, would become more and more just as good as the water to your mortalized skin, or happiness to your mortalized wellbeing. Everything that would seem impossible in nature, would indeed be seen good and cherrishable.

We love and want what is good because, in return, it is good to our mortal selfs, obviously. The man sees money as good, because it feels good to him, so therefore, money is good. The man sees food as good, because it is good to him, so therefore, food is good. The man experiences laughter as good, because it seemed good to him, so therefore, laughter is good. With this, although, if man were perfect in every way: The man now sees evil as good, bacause it did not affect him, so therefore, evil was good to him. The man feels pain as nothing, because he was immortal, so therefore, pain was good to him. The man sees hatred as good, because he did not fear anything out of the hate, so therefore, hatred was good to him. It is only on the mentality, that what feels as good to us, and does not harm us in any way, it is good. Although, if we are immune to what lowers us in the fight of life, then, indeed, we see it as good, since it does nothing.

It varies on the common perspective of a human, and to only understand such perspective, it takes being human to understand that. 

The End

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