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Why am I still here trying, and all you talk about is dying. Negatively you bring me down, down to a dark place I don't want to be. I'm not afraid to leave, but question why I stay.

I thought I needed you , all of you. I was wrong, I never needed anyone, I was fine all along. It's entertaining though, the way you pretend to care. It's your time wasted, upon this twisted affair.

In the end, you will see, all of you. I don't care anymore, not sure I ever did. I'm evil you say? You might be right, upon not caring I also will not fight.

The darkness that surrounds you is envious, and I sometimes stare. I peer into the blankness, though your unaware. You thought I what? Loved you? Now that isn't fair. You know my feelings don't matter so why would you compare.

Are you lost yet, you haven't got a clue? This is my demon, it was never about YOU!

I too have my rage that binds me to the wall, and like you I hope nobody breaks my fall. Then I will be at peace, no more stupid questions. No more worry of time, and where my life is destine.

If I'm being honest, which I always am. I regret the day I first saw you an I don't give a damn.

You see the heart you think I gave you, was never mine to give. I promised I would keep it safe as long as I lived. So that smile that you see, it's always been for me.

I laugh at the thought that you did believe, that for one moment I would shed a tear for you. Love has made you weak, how could you really think I could feel things like you do?

In the end my eyes will not judge you and my lips will taste your fear. I will ruin you, and you will no my pain.

Almost lovers in an alomost perfect world. Now dead to one another in a world no longer here.


The End

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