The battle has just begun, and you will never win. I have conqeured worse then you, without even a sin. I sometimes ramble, perhaps a side effect. But pay no attention, I haven't mentioned the good part yet.

Late at night, laying alone I start to think. What the hell am I doing here, and why I haven't left. Thoughts invade my soul and images rape my heart. Waking in a terror feeling torn apart.

Every night it's the same, I am realizing it's a dream. That what I think I see, may not be what it seems. Is it someone else's vision? Not even a dream. But the hate it feels so real, like one I dread to feel.

I blame your absence, you left me here to die, all I did was love you. And you loved to make me cry. Taunting me with things, I would never have. I bet you got a real good laugh?

But torment will find you, and when it does, I fear the worst. I will not warn you, or give a head start. I will not feel regret nor will I feel remorse.

I have always hated you, just never found the voice. I always enraged you, just never knew I had a choice

So on this night, as I lay my head upon the teared pillow, dark into the night. It will be your nightmare, and I will wake with the delight.

The End

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