3: Who Am I? (the almighty question)

First, to my previous author, I'm guessing Justin Beiber. 

Who am I? I am so fed up with the media putting me under a magnifying glass. I am 17 years old, it's time for me to break the mold that Disney has put me into. Every time I try to live my life the media blasts my so called "scandalous" behavior in all of the pervish, invading magazines. Apparently taking photos of teenage behavior at a girl sleepover is "too adult" and Vanity Fair's tastefull picture of me without a shirt was not what my fans wanted. Everybody is so crazy! When I performed at the People's Choice Awards last year, people were outraged at the fact that I was dancing on an ice-cream truck. "Pole Dancing" is what the media called it. I was in awe at that. I wasn't even close to the pole! I guess the world is still trying to hold onto the innocent popstar thing. 

The End

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