In 200 years

My position is the opposite to the previous writer.

I agree. All this new technology is doing wonders for society. Previously incurable diseases will be cured. In two hundred years, there will be no more blindness as we know it. Aids will no longer exist. Artificial blood will end shortages in that field.

But what of us humans? I know that we will not take to this new technology as we would expect. War will increase as a countries population increases. With this will come new ways in which to wage war.

In two hundred years we will have burnt off our ozone layer and be forced to live inside. Because we are not willing to move to renewable sources of power.

In three hundred years, man will either be forced to move out into space or die. Simply because man was stupid enough to solve the smaller problems but deny that the bigger ones even exist.

As a foot note a will accept the fact that I am being overly pessamistic. However, this is where I believe our species is headed based on how we exist now. I base my predictions on the human condition. What do you base your predictions on?

The End

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