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This is a collaborative about what writers here on believe will become of society, science, religion, ect. Please join in and add your thoughts in what you believe will happen in the next five, ten, fifty, or one hundred years in the world or your neck of the woods. Express yourself, it can be about anything that is time sensitive.

I am excited to see what happens within the next couple decades.  Being born pre-internet boom.  We had our AOL, we had live journal, corny java based games, napster and a ton of other businesses that took advantage of the information highway. Slowly these programs and services integrated with our personal lives and people weren't talking solely about what was on tv or in the movies but also what was becoming popular and trending in the entertainment industry on things like music artists found on myspace, new comics and musical artists on youtube.  I cannot see into the future but taking evidence from current trends leads me to believe social technology is going to reach a sky with no limitations very soon.

Medical technology rapidly improves as the study of stem-cell research is underway. Lasik surgery is growing in popularity as doctor's and the machine's creators work on safer and more cost effective machines to fix that slightly dysfunctional cornea. The skin gun was recently invented (I suggest you search for this on youtube) to help burn victims heal their damaged skin rapidly almost overnight. It works by loading the patients skin cells into the gun and spraying the surface where the damage occurred allowing the cells to grow yet again. Not only can it be used for looks to help patients with abnormalities to get their skin to look normal again but it can save lives. More and more doctors are looking at the positives in the possibilities allowed by using stem cells to grow new organs. A few firms have already used this new medical super power to grow kidneys, new livers and are looking to grow new sets of lungs and other organs if they haven't done so already.

Engineers are working on projects like hydraulic suits to allow people to carry three times their weight for saving victims or doing work usually only done with pulley systems or heavy machines. Someone found a way to use electricity to turn a dead cockroach into a remote controlled biological robot.  NASA is working steadily to see if there is life on Mars. There are some photos that lead some scientists to believe there is but as of late there is not enough conclusive evidence.

There are many astounding changes happening around us and I would like to see an increase of interest in their respective subjects. New ideas are going to take us to the next level of humanity. This is where I think we are heading and my thoughts are gathered from ideas and opinions I have heard and seen through others so I do not take credit. I just want to share the awesomeness that is both hard work, dedication, creativity, and science projected by my fellow men and women.

I believe we will soon start expeditions to colonize mars within the next five hundred years. Artificial biomes can be built using the technology we already have to suit our biological needs. After creating enough living space for a nice sized Martian city then comes the next step in terra-forming the planet for our terrestrial home away from home.

I believe understanding others will become easier as machines right now are being created to allow the reading and interpretation of dreams to be recorded and decoded by a computer so we can watch them.  I believe someone will find a way to hook up our brains to machines that will allow us to consume information faster, learn faster, communicate easier than in just the ways of manual input and language. Disease will disappear. Racism will cease to exist. Understanding of other's religions and needs will improve causing cut backs in military needs and spending.  I believe all of this will happen someday but it depends on us.  All of us. The collective unconscious and the over all thought and feelings of an entire social animal.

A new power source will be invented that is boundless and forever renewable while easy to obtain. We will use our voice to control robots to do our chores.  Our jobs will continue to become easier thanks to technological advancements. New ways to create food sources and it's availability will strengthen. Life spans will continue to lengthen.  However, poverty, for a while will increase as the amount of wealth will divide greater. This is why I believe Martian colonization is imminent. 

Soon, I will start writing a piece of work I've been cultivating off and on for a decade that in better detail explains what I believe will happen.  It's main focus is to entertain, though, a caravan for ideas and opinions for what is to come in a broad sense. As changes happen to gear up for a new age, we will have some traumatic eras, but if we make it through we will come closer to a Utopian World Wide Society.

This is what I believe will happen based on my thoughts and others.

I would like for those of you who haven't to check out two people:

Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku

Computer Engineer gone Biologist Aubrey De Grey

The End

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