When the World Comes Crashing Down

      Every single one of us has had the world come crashing down on us at least once in our lives, sometimes it's just little things and other times it's something huge. Yet how do we deal with it either way? Do we merely cross our fingers and hope for the best, or do we go to the nearest bar and drink our problems away?

      I know not the proper answer, nor do I know the events that have caused the world around you to fall. I do know that in times of great distress that a friend is needed. Yet there are those of us out there in the world that want to tough life out, "who needs a friend when I have myself?"

      I wish I knew the answer to the worlds problems, I wish I knew how to solve every persons problems in the whole world. Yet life is life and things that happen do not change. We humans are merely a rat in a cage that is fitted with winding paths and the goal is what we are led to believe is cheese to fill our craving soul, when really the goal is only death.

      So instead of dwelling over how pitiful a life is and how the world is trying to break your neck. Bask in the glories of life, do something you've never done before, be free, be happy. Don't let the troubles of life kill you faster than you're already dieing.

The End

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