Old Friends: Sence 2: Part 1

Sence 2: Part 1

ShadowRune's School For Assasions and Ninjas....14:00pm....RoseThorn ClassRoom

Enter ShadowRune, everyone raises to High Assasion and his two guards as he looks around the room.

ShadowRune: Ah Deadly, how are my students doing?

DeadlyShade: Very Good Rune Sir

ShadowRune: Whos progressing the best?

DeadlyShade: Rune, Son of NineShot sir

Young Rune walks forward, dressed in white hooded cloak and holding a pike for battle, saluted ShadowRune and bowed to him.

Rune: Sir, it is honour to see you

ShadowRune: (Smiles down at him, pats his head) Aye you two young sir

Rune: Teacher says I have keen reflexs like mom, is that true?

ShadowRune: Your very much like her, so I would guess so my fine friend

Rune: Thank You Sir!

Rune smiled happily, ran back to his seat. ShadowRune turned DeadlyShade, pointed to young beauitful girl with dark pinkish hair

ShadowRune: I-is she, the daughter of HighLord and High Paladain?

DeadlyShade: Of Sir Anthony and Lady BackStrike, yes sir

ShadowRune: She is like her mother

DeadlyShade: Very

ShadowRune: What is her name?

DeadlyShade: RoseThorn or Rose

ShadowRune: RoseThorn, come here young lady

RoseThorn got up from her chair, walked over to him. Her eyes shone brightly in the light, her hair beauitfully soft and like silk, she was the only female assasion in the class. What a beauitful one she was.

ShadowRune: Hello Rose

RoseThorn: It is an honour to meet you Sir ShadowRune

ShadowRune: Rose is your daddy Sir Anthony LightHand?

RoseThorn: Yes sir

ShadowRune: Is your mommy, Lady BackStrike CurseWing?

RoseThorn: Yes sir

ShadowRune: You wish to become an assasion?

RoseThorn: Yes sir

ShadowRune: Why? May I be so bold to ask?

RoseThorn: I want to help my parents by my work, I am quick and silent with my kills and clever and cunning with how a kill my targets have been consided brillanence and talented.

ShadowRune: So I have heard, very good Rose

RoseThorn: Thank You Sir

RoseThorn walked back to her sit happily, sat down at her desk to continue to her report for today. Alongside her, LightBarrer. Rune's cousins, Rose's best friend.

(New Sence)

Temple of Spirts and Runes....High Priestess Trainning ClassRoom....16:00

High Priestess FireBlossom is showing the girls how to heal a wounded soilder. She places her hand over the wounded man, removes the impurity and pain from his body, then carefully cleans and wraps the wound in a linen bandage before kissing the young soilder on the check.

FireBlossom: That is how we heal a wounded soilder, any questions?

Frost-Lilly: Miss! I have one?

FireBlossom: Yes Frost, what is it?

Frost-Lilly: What if they have mulitple wounds?

FireBlossom: Deal with worst first then, the other wounds

Frost-Lilly: Thank You Miss

FireBlossom: Anymore questions?

HolyerLight: Where do Paladains get their light from?

FireBlossom: Praying and Worhship and Holy Deads

HolyerLight: Oh like Retrubution, Holy and Protection?

FireBlossom: Very Good

HolyerLight: Thank You Miss

End of Sence 2: Part 1


The End

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