Old Friends: Scence 1: Part 3

Scene 1, Part 3

BackStrike Base......10:30 am.....Throne Room

BackStrike sits confused as the letter she is given is from admire of her, but no mortal have laid eyes on her or her people beside her true love Anthony and his men who her people have fallen for aswell. She fears that she will be fond out.

BackStrike: IceHeart, send for my messanger

IceHeart: Yes my lady

IceHeart leaves the throne room, (Off Set, Strike is left alone)

BackStrike: Another letter of admirance, I grow tried of their words. The only thing I wish for, is my beloved Anthony. His words are like sweet nector to me, they squench my thrist for passion, for romance, for lust and for love. Ohh sweet prince come home to your queen.

BackStrike sits remembering the day they meet. (FlashBack, loving sigh while remebering)

Summers Day....June....Middle of the AfterNoon

BackStrike: Blood everywhere, I shall never get clean. Why me.

Handsome young paladin, rides up to the bloodsoaked BackStrike, wearing armour coated in gold, silver and bronze. Royal Blue cape hanging from his back, his longish blonde hair following freely in the wind and his bright blue eyes shine brillant from within his helmet.

Sir Anthony LightHand: Exuse ma'am, you wouldn't know the way to Lady BackStrike CurseWing base would you? (Smiles polietly at her)

BackStrike: Indeed young sir, I should know because I am her you seek

Anthony stares in silence at the beauty before his eyes, bows to her.

Anthony: My appoliges my lady, (Taking off his helmet)

BackStrike: What honour do I owe your visit, young sir?

Anthony: Message from the council my lady

BackStrike: The Council?

Anthony: Indead, may I say. Your so beauitful my lady.

Anthony lends forward, kisses her on the check. BackStrike blushes, gives out sweet giggle before fulling kissing the young paladin.

Anthony: (In shock) My..lady..

BackStrike: shh just kiss me back

Anthony: I..I..

Anthony slowly presses his lips back against BackStrike, running his guanlets thoughs her beauitful brillant pink hair. His arms locked around her, pulled her closer towards his strong muscle bond body which was covered in royal paladain armour.

Anthony: B-BackStrike, will you meet tonight?

BackStrike: Yes, of course I will, but where?

Anthony: Near the cherryblossom trees, under the shade of MoonLight.

BackStrike flash back is distrubed by IceHeart, trying to get her attention, she snaps back into presant and reality.

BackStrike: Oh sorry IceHeart, you bring my messanger?

IceHeart: (stood with DarkStar, smaller then him) Yes I did

BackStrike: Thank You my dear friend

IceHeart: Nooo Problem.

BackStrike: Ah yes DarkStar, Imporant message to be sent to my husband at once. If you will.

DarkStar knelt to her, sword placed firmly into the ground near her icy throne.

DarkStar: You wish is my command my lady

BackStrike: Araise DarkStar, take note of my words

DarkStar stood up, took out his note book and pen ready for her

BackStrike: Dear, Sir Anthony LightHand.

DarkStar: (Begins to write what she says down)

BackStrike: The Councils of Elders have summoned me, so dearest love you. You may have to gather the childreen from their studies. Frost-Lilly is with Tony's Wife. High Priestess FireBlossom. PeaceBloom is with Master Knight Champion FireBlaze. RoseThorn is with Head Assasion ShadowRune.

End of Scene 3


The End

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