Old Friends: Scence 1: Part 2

Sence 1, Part 2

Anthony's Base....5:00 am....Main Hall

Anthony is standing in front his troops, with ceasar orders in his hands. The men were sat on tables, listening intensely to his orders. Before a mightly gust of wind swept thought the base and rattle the doors.

Anthony: Bloodly Hell!

Josh: Sorry sir, I'll go shut the door

Anthony: Good Man

Scott: Aww boss is missing his mrsy, the Lady Strike maybe?

Anthony: She is my everything boys, you'll know what I mean someday

Scott: We do know, I am dating the lady Heart. IceHeart, You lady's Master Death Archer Champion

Anthony: Aye, I know. Josh with the Lady Swift.

Josh: SwiftWind, Your lady's Master Death Mage. My lord

Josh held the picture of Swiftwind close to his heart, daydreams about her. Before sighing happily. Before getting smacked around the head by his twin sister.

Josh: Oww that hurt Blanca

Blanca: Sorry but your daydreaming gets anyoing brother

As they continue to agure, we skip back to Strike's Own Base. See how she is peparing her troops for the upcoming battle which Anthony men is preparing for.

Strikes Base....7:00 Am....Throne Room

IceHeart: My lady, My Lady! (She shouts running into the throne room)

BackStrike: (A rises from her throne) Yes IceHeart? What is it?

IceHeart: (Walks up to her) I have a message for you, my lady

BackStrike: Oh a letter for me? How intresting...

IceHeart: (Hands her the letter) For you my lady

Voice Over:  Writter of the Letter

Dear Beauitful BackStrike

You're the most prefect women in the world, you skin is so soft and your hair so smooth its like skilk. You are amazing, purely amazing. How can I be any but admire of purity and your goddlyness. You are so beauitful that even the Gods themselves envoy your beauitful the stars are placed with in your very eyes and silk are your hair. Please a long for you. I desire you. I yern for you my sweet, beauitful Strike.

Till the day we meet..

Your Admire

K...C (B)

End of Part 2, Scene 1




The End

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