When past meets presants: Old Friends

Female Knight stands, overlooking the city which made her famous but she is begins to remember what her life was all this glory. Humble female gladitor trainned by the elities of the sport, ceasar and kings most favoured young women in all the known world.

Small Village...Dor'Hah...Year: Unknown

Beginging Scene...BackStrike Home....Small Cottage in the mountians

Voice Over:  Theres a fine line between darkness and the light...Once you have chosen you side...there is no going back...this is the story of one brave knight who did just that...came from the darkness and turned to light.

BackStrike: ANTHONY!

(Anthony walks in calmly, hugs her from behind)

Anthony: Yes my beauitful wife, my whole reason for living

(Frown face, arms crossed)

BackStrike: Where the in light's name where you? I cant stand here in my very sexy underwear here all night you know

Anthony: (Nuzzles her neck playfully) Im sorry my beauitful angel, I was getting your suprize ready.

BackStrike: (Smiles Softly) Suprize, for me? Really?

Anthony: Yes Love

BackStrike turns to Anthony, kisses him slowly while slowly removing his shirt in a checky mannor.

Anthony: Love?

BackStrike: Yes baby? (arms still around him, pulling him closer)

Anthony: You took my shirt off Strikey (Kisses her slowly, removing her shirt and jacket)

BackStrike: So have you with my shirt and jacket, now we are even so it seems

Anthony: Strikey gave it back, I'm going be late for work that means no suprize when I get back. (Nuzzles her neck again)

BackStrike: Ceasar and the King himself, are far to greedy he has many of his own men why does he have to take you.

Anthony: Ah such a cruel world it is my love, but you are the angel within this hell fury of a world. You who make the stars themselves envy you sparkling eyes and glowing smile. You.

Anthony kisses Strike goodbye, walks out of the cottage whilist putting on his shirt.

BackStrike: Ohh I do wish he could stay, so I can hold that roughish body close to me, feel those muscles upon my body. His touch lightens the my day. Sweet sweet sorrow it is to see him part from me. ANTHONY! I love you!

Anthony hears her scream her devotion and love for him, smiles brightly before walking over to his patrol unit waiting outside his gate. All dressed in marvolour steal and silver armour with wearing the LightHand's Sympol upon their guns, swords and shields.

Scott: Anthony Sir, Ceasar awaits us.

Anthony: Aye Aye, I know he does.

Scott: Ah the lovely Strike, you will be missed sir

Anthony: Indead soilder

End of Part One...


The End

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