When Fantasy Becomes Reality

A Halloween themed short story of when fantasy becomes reality.

A scream shattered the laughter that filled the air.  It was scary, yet expected this time of year.  Everyone down the block had some form of Halloween theme covering their house.  Many of them opened their door to invite others through a haunted house.  Some were lame; some were worth the candy at the end.
 The scream that now echoed through my head became louder.  The dark blackness consumed the neighborhood, and out of it, I could see something shining.  Then, following the scream of what I could now distinguish as a young girl came a sound only recognizable as the roar of a chainsaw.  In the flicker of my neighbor’s strobe light, I saw a man; his face covered by a whit mask.  He was revving a chain saw.
 On her knees before him, a young girl, maybe ten years old, pleading for her life.  The occupants of the houses surrounding gathered to watch the show.  Trick or treat-ers skipped across the street trying to keep up with their parents’ fast pace.  Nobody wanted to miss this.
 I stayed on my porch.  The perfect view to see what was happening.  The girl continued to scream and plead as the man brought the saw closer and closer to her head.  Then, just as everyone thought the show would end, fantasy became reality.  Before the crowd, a swipe, a dropped chain saw, and footsteps as the man ran away.  Before the crowd rolled the girl’s head; her body limp on the pavement.  The crowd stood silent in shock.

The End

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