I (the beginning)

I guess this is my story. Please be patient, as this is painful to tell.

I suppose it began when I was just a little girl, living in a lonely world. The first time I went to school I hid behind pages of 2-chapter books I barely knew how to read. I sat in the parking lot at recess, the teachers more than lax when it came to counting the children.

Girls giggled and whispered, staring at me as if I was unaware of the unwanted attention. I would go home with a  stiff smile on my face, insisting that school was okay, and I was okay. I suspect my mother didn't believe me, but there was nothing I could do about it. So I isolated myself. But that didn't stop me from noticing my sister. Her striking cheekbones looked gaunt and starved, she didn't order milkshakes anymore, only water. She hid food, made it look like she ate it. People said I didn't understand, I was too small to comprehend. Liars.

I told my mum. She was distracted, didn't listen. I told my brother, he confided that he saw it too. My mother believed him.

The End

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