What's Next?

I sit here now wondering what's next. What is the next big thing? Others may sit and wonder "what should I buy if I win the lottery?" or "did I feed the dog this morning?" or "how many licks does it actually take?" So often we wonder.  So often we wonder what will happen, what could have happened, or what is happening.  Does wondering cause us to act differently in our lives?  Does it change the path that we would ordinarily travel down?  Can wonder lead us astray or into unsafe circumstances? It may seem that wondering opens our eyes, unsheathing our brain from shackles that bind us to everyday rocks and dilemmas. But is it possible that too much wonder can unsettle the mind?  Wonder does exist and must.  Wonder is a necessary ingredient for creativity and internal-drive.  But becoming espoused to wonder may make you doubt truth.  If you always wonder, you are always looking for another angle, another sly edge to disprove the constructs in front of you.  Sometimes it can be harmful to wonder...sometimes truth is all we need, and, more often than not, the truth will set you free. (Or maybe it is God that is supposed to do that.)

Written 4/16/13.

The End

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