Whatever Matters Most

Sometimes rearranging your Life shows that what you thought was most important really wasn't.

What is the key issue when you want to be extraordinarily skinny?  When you cannot look in the mirror and see the beauty that you were born with?  Forgotten innocence and misguided good intentions create a loss, a void, in which whatever matters most is exactly what shouldn't matter at all.

     It is often a question that many people seek the answer to, yet rarely find absolution in.  The thoughts of a teenage male usually don't equate to what the parental figureheads imagine them to be, that being said, I don't know the truest thought process for I am myself a female.  The raging war of the teenage female is generally the same across the board: Am I beautiful?  Will they like me?  WHY don't they like me?  WHY don't I look like HER?  

The End

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