Whatever Floats Your BoatMature

That’s a fine looking ass you’ve got there! I beg your pardon? Your donkey? Oh thanks, he works out a lot. Ain’t that right Phil? “Well, I do what I can,” thinks the jackass. Say mister, I haven’t seen you around these parts before, what’s your name? I’m Jenny by the way, Ms. Jenny Slater, not to be confused with thee Jenny Slater of the Watchman comic series. It’s a real pleasure to meet you Miss Slater. I go by the name of Jenkins, Rosco Jenkins, not to be confused with the film adaptation, “Rosco Jenkins.” Well golly Mr. Jenkins! That makes us two peas in a pod, cause I never met another human be-ing directly syndicated with myself, in hopes of securing a clear and concise testament for the advancement of the colored critters! Well shoot me silly Slater, I never expected a pretty girl such as yourself with an ass like that, to be so damn endearing in her personal convictions as opposed to throwing me a red-herring and calling it the truth! Aww shucks Rosco, you just gone and made my ass bleed with delight! Is he alright Jenny? Oh he’s just fine. He always bleeds when something long and heart-felt touches him in his deepest hole, his heart! My goodness madam, that may have just hit my nail on the head, in terms of the emotional value of a good catharsis sporadically implemented. I’m genuinely enthused Mr. Jenkins, not by your boyish charm or your devilish good lucks, but rather by the kinship that has been instilled between us and my ass of course. As am I Jenny. Perhaps another time in the future, in a more sequential setting, we could have a better attested dialogue over the harrowing feats an ass like yours goes through on a daily basis? It would be our honor Rosco. My ass and I look forward to you looking down again, so we can see your friendly, fickle, face. I yearn for our awaited engagement Ms. Slater. As do I Mr. Jenkins. So long for now. Happy trails Ms. Slater, are the latest fad in France! I know, I just got mine done. What a coincidence? Me too! Ha-ha! Good day Jenny!

The End

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