Nice, Sensible, Girly-Genre

My main genres are dark-fiction, psychological-horror, horror, sci-fi, suicide-poetry and my first genre was fantasy, which has darkened up a bit now. But here's the thing; just because I'm 'a young girl' when I tell people I'm into writing they're like "Oh, I suppose you do chick-lit/romance/rom-com/kid's stories/children's fiction."

I recall one conversation like that, I said "No, I actually write a lot of psychological horror."

The person was all like "Why?"

I answered "'Coz I'm a horrific-psycho."

The person who I was having the conversation with was beginning to look a little scared by that point.

Then that person said; "Why not some nice, sensible girly genre?"

Now, I'm generally a calm person, non-confrontational most of the time. But that made me seriously angry. So I was like -

"Sorry if I don't conform to your preconcieved notions of the typical female writer."

The person looked surprised at how cool that sounded, even though I copied half of it from 'the racist horse' off of YouTube.


I also think that a lot of that sort of stuff is directed at male-writers as well. How many boys get ridiculed at school for a love of writing? A hell of a lot. But it was just the fact that people assume immediately that I write chick-lit 'cause I'm a girl that annoyed me. I hate chick-lit and romance, they're all exactly the same.

I will probably write an entry about male-writers another day. Those are just my overly-opionated views for today.

The End

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