What They Assume

It's amazing how when you tell people that you like writing, they immediately go "Oh, so you want to be an author and publish?"

That's what I have to listen to all the time. I don't want to go into mainstream publishing; the idea of some big company owning me and my writing isn't all that appealing, to me anyway.

But people just automatically assume that just because I write, I want to publish, that I want to be famous, that I want to be top of the bestseller's list. I really don't. Call me unambitious if you will, but all I want to do is write for fun, in my free time, and maybe, maybe self-publish one of my stories or poetry collections.

I'm not hating on people, they get things wrong, that's all. But I don't like people acting as if they know my mind when they've only talked to me once. Not many people that I know well actually know that I don't want to mainstream-publish. But it doesn't mean that I care any less about writing. Writing is probably the only thing that I really care about, along with art. But it's weird how when you say "I don't really want to go mainstream; with publishing or anything else." people think that you're giving up.


The End

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