What Should Be

This is dedicated to my mom. It's a country song.

I should be asleep by now
The meds should have me in my bed
But instead, I sit here awake
wishin' I could catch the next bus to you
Oh, you need me
Don't you? Don't you?

Just be okay
Today, I know is hard
You're stuck in yesterday, but you keep movin' forward
And I'm proud of you
I'm so proud of you for makin' it through

I should be happy by now
Everything great is happening outside these walls
But I stay in this place
afraid of what's outside this door
Oh, I need you
like I've always needed you
Where were you?

You are all I think about
And it kills me to not be the one at your side
This dark time should be mine
I want you to live the best life I know you deserve
Even if that means I suffer
I would do anything to make it all better
If only I could (if only I could)


The End

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