What Life Is

After a wonderful Saturday night, I figured I'd write this Sunday morning.

My father told me not too long ago that life is just a series of relationships. When we’re young, we make friends in Pre-School who we share our chocolate chip cookies with. We make enemies that take great joy in pushing us over in the sandbox during the lunch hours. Later on, our friends become closer; they watch our backs and share experiences with us. As do the enemies, they get nastier and start brandishing knuckles or nasty words when things don’t go their way. Later after that, we start to go through a phase where we search for a love. Someone who we can speak silent nothings to, and exercise loving other people for who they are. This phase, however, is rather confusing. Most people searching for this love look in the wrong direction, and may end up getting terribly burned. Fortunately, we learn from these mistakes, and eventually find someone that is a true match. We find someone that we love fully, who loves us back fully. After some time, we start a family, and raise children to the best of our abilities. We try to guide them in the right direction, but the stubbornness we once had can cause them to venture into uncertain territory. One shouldn’t worry though, because if they fall, we can be ready and push them right back up. This time around, they have the wisdom of making a mistake, and will try to avoid it in their future. Finally, as our lives draw to a close, we have to come to terms with what has happened in our many years. We have to accept we have lived our lives our way, and despite the mistakes and shortcomings, we have made it through, and have lived a full-fledged life. When we have accepted this, we can live our final years in peace, and pass away when our time comes.

My father told me not too long ago that life is just a series of relationships. We can make great friends over many years or fierce enemies over a few seconds. We can strengthen the bonds within the family, or feel the fibres being torn apart. We can witness the birth of a new life, or morn the passing of another, or share a single night with a wonderful girl. Life is a series of relationships, so take each as they are, and enjoy the company of another soul.

The End

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