What is the value of a human life?

The value of a human life. What is actually the value of a human life?

The value of a human life. What is actually the value of a human life?

A question that remains simply unanswered, ringing in our minds, but the answer in our hearts seems quite simple, when others look at it from our perspective.
Is it a surprise that we hear alot everyday about 'child labour' or 'war' on news? Is it a shock what our reaction to this kind of news seen everyday on television turns out to look like? Perhaps our greed won't turn for incidents like this- but no one can deny that fact, that is- if you own anything you are unwilling to give up on.
Human life? Worth simply no more than greed. A word, meaning no more that just a few letters which we perhaps might read in a book or hear on television, yet it has so much more meaning in.

Does this mean, that we've come to such a state that, perhaps, if someone we knew were to die, and saving that person would cost- would we just leave it? Would we just leave our memories to wilt in our own foolish pride and greed?
Besides, who cares if people from the outer world spends their lives trying their hardest to supply us with our 'wants' just to feed their own families, whilst others sit around, demanding for more, careless, clueless right? Wrong! Why should we rely on others to help us get what we want with their lives on the line? Does this mean we don't value the lives of these people who have died or got injured because of us? Does this mean that we see them as 'worthless' or perhaps just the supplier of 'a mobile phone?'

On the other hand, why do some people see this situation differently? Why do families or relatives of their own see that they're worth more than we see them as- or perhaps that they are worth just as much as who they will be serving for the rest of their lives? Perspective is the easy answer to that- but isn't it a wonder how people like David Beckham, as seen today on television, running around in his football top, scoring a couple of goals is worth thirty million pounds, whilst suppliers of our wants and "needs" who work 30, 000 times more, is worth this much less? Cruel, unjust, inhuman. All this just because others have more power and think that they have "more value" than others. Selfish, no. No word in the world can describe this sort of situation. The feeling is so inhumane that there will be no word in the dictionary to describe it. 
But to be honest, is this something to be judged- is this something where we could pull out a calculator and know the specific value?

Do we really have to live in this kind of world-Just to get what we want, whilst others suffer at our feet. Do we have to leave others to feel insecure about their lives, whilst others just live in a life of luxury. Will you lie to yourself for the rest of your life- lie that someone else might fix this matter? If that person you are thinking of right now is God- you have thought wrong.
The christian faith has always been about loving one another- but are we doing that now? Are we really loving every single person on this planet? Is that why there are millions of others suffering because of all this nonsense that we have created. Are we being true to ourselves?

But why is no one in the world who has power stopping this? Why is it that a world so beautifully constructed by God left to be like this? What has our world come to- perhaps maybe, just a small concept- like a mobile phone. Like the value of a human life- worth no more than a mobile phone.

The End

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