What is the truthMature

You took me to so many places
You comforted me so much
The words you spoke so wise and true
You knew you had me
You knew the trust I had for you would never fail

In me you saw a person who would believe you until the end
And my faith would never falter
To me you were just a friend

You told me of the games we could play
You explained to me how they worked
It all seemed so fun at the time
It never really hurt

I kept it all a secret
Id never let you down
You wanted me to be happy
Your special little girl

One day I was so jealous
It was her game not mine
I told the world of what you did
I let your words be mine

She then escaped your justice
That was all mine
The anger and the guilt
They were mine to bare

You carried on your games
But now I knew that it wasn't fun
The only way of escape

You teased me and made fun of me
Your truth turned into shit
The things I thought were wise
Were cruel and undermined me

In the end you came to ashes
And I'm left with the scars
If it wasn't for my jealousy
would it have ever got this far

I hate them for not seeing
I hate myself the most
Cause somewhere deep inside
Past the part of me that is repulsed
A part of me still wants to listen
To your story's and your truth
To believe you'd never hurt me
cause I'm your girl
But I know its just not true

The End

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