Imagination and Creativity of the mind

One alone has the ability of Imagination, to be able to Imagine, to be able to think. What would have we become today without it? Hard to no, but we all use it. Imagination is Instinct, we use it daily even if you dont realise you are. Imagination is Creativity of the Mind. If you think about how we have Developed over the last 100 years just by looking at Civilization and Technology its Amazing, so Imagine what it would look like in another 100 years. Technology has moved so fast and its going to stay that way. When you think about it, we live amongst what our Imagination has Created. Maybe Reality is really your own customized Individual Imagination of how you live and how you go by everyday life, what you wear, what you look like, your Individual thoughts, how you Overcome problems and issues. Maybe Reality is just in the mind of every single one of us and we dont know it yet.

The End

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