What is Reality ?

Chapter one of my Theory of Reality.

What is Reality?

What is Consiousness? Is it to be aware of surroundings and make discisions on what you do in everyday life? Nobody knows, Reality is so bizare and so complex that its mystery within mystery. I believe for one to understand Reality one must Understand everything. And for that to take place only "God" would understand Reality if that were to be the case. Maybe God is what Reality really is? To be consious and understand what is happening is a small part of Reality, but in perspective to understanding Reality we know nothing. For humans we no alot, but not enough to understand Reality.

The idea of Dreaming. Whos to say when you enter your Sub-Conseious state when you sleep your not entering a paralel Universe of yourself bringing ideas of your Consiousness with you into your Sub-Consious alternate Universe therefore living an alternate life your completely un-aware of in your Conseious mind but fully aware of in your Sub-Consious state?

The End

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