What Is It To Be Opened Minded?

The diversity of humans. My point of view on how it all operates.

What is it to be opened minded?

I conducted a survey. The results I obtained got me questioning society and the diversity of humans.

My survey was based on the views of interracial relationships. 92% of the answers I received were negative. Interracial relationships are still considered to be "taboo". I've gotten answers like "It’s a sin" and "It’s a disgrace to your race". It disappoints me to point out , the age group participants who completed my survey were between the ages of 15-21. The post-apartheid generation. My county has been through a lot. Our upbringing has influenced our views on society. One of my survey participants pointed out that since black government took over, our country has been crashing. There is lack of employment, our infrastructure is falling, there is an increase in the rate of crime, and poverty is at an all time high.

All of the issues pointed out are valid, but who are we to blame? The government, or their race? Does the colour of skin make a difference? Have you ever been in a situation whereas someone made a remark against the next person based solely on their race? "Oh, that must be a black person, only blacks are that violent" or "I'm sure that guy who jumped that red traffic light is white, white people still think that they run this country".

When the topic of interracial relationships were brought up, many found the idea disturbing. Why would you want to be in a relationship out of your own race? I agree, there are many cultural barriers, there is also the issues of different beliefs and norms. None of the issues mentioned were brought to concern, instead, people consider dating or marrying from a different race "degrading" and "shameful".

I was brought up in a cultural Indian background. I was taught to stay within my race. From acquaintances, to friends and boyfriends. I was never allowed to step out of my cultural and racial barrier. When I brought a boyfriend from a different race home, I was shunned by my society. I was frowned upon for choosing to be with the person I love.

When blood is donated, is blood given to patients according to race? Does the colour of skin matter when you are in need? It is sad that the judgement of society is still affected by the invisible racial barrier created by man. South Africa is supposedly known for Its racial diversity, yet we still judge according to the colour of skin.

It is about time someone brings this to attention. It needs to be heard.

I consider myself an anomaly. The well needed change that my society has been lacking.



The End

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