A Little, Goes a Long Way

A Little, Goes a Long Way

I spoke with many of the volunteers during my stay, often over a coffee in the quiet, calm hours of those long bitterly cold nights. Their backgrounds and professions were diverse; from a paramedic, school teacher, business owner, students, and retirees, to name a few. But what was consistent throughout, was that they were all there because they wanted to help someone else in need; simple, yet commendable.

It was impressive, even after the very first night, how well this program operated. I gained a real appreciation for the time, effort, and resources involved in providing this service within our community; and for the volunteers that help in its operation.

Without the generous donations from local corporations, community groups/organizations, individuals, schools, churches, as well as retirement homes, this program would not be feasible. And, without the valuable contribution of time and effort from the near 1,000 volunteers within this program, it simply would not function.

The BOOTC program, now in its 17th year of operation, is a prime example of how just a few hours a month of volunteering from a collective group of citizens, can have a significant and positive impact on the lives of others. It’s obvious that; ‘a little, goes a long way’, with Bootsie!

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