What I Shoot With

Just a random song I wrote when I was bored and thinking randomly about cupid :)

Chorus Once

I'm cupid and this is what I shoot with

You're stupid if this is what you're using

I'm cupid and you're stupid

You told me to hit but I'm already through with this

Yeah I'm cupid and you're stupid

You told me to hit but your face makes me feel sick


Verse One

You make me feel sick

And that's no lie, you're feeling it

If that's not right, you're feeding it

You're feeding it, revealing it

And you're the pilot steering it

Let me steer this arrow through your arrow

Clear this narrow, golden path

Eros it's a stolen art

You stole it once to leave your mark

I stole it twice to keep it up

It was always me that got shot in the heart

You never shot both ways so I came back armed

I shot him twice and now he's long gone

I mean really...

..where do you think I got my ammunition from?


Chorus Once


Verse Two

So, I steered it into the ocean

That's not tea, that's my new potion

You came up there, wimping and moaning 

I came prepared, drinking and smoking

But I don't smoke and I don't drink

Cupid's a monster, what do you think?

Will go through her head when she's a-kip

I suppose the love can only go so far

I've dished out enough, leave love at the door

My eyes cause slurs, you've heard that before

But Mystic Meg has never seen what I saw

She will never know the swear I might swore

There goes my stupid cupid ways

Giving into his face and name again

Chorus Twice


Love is fatal, dangerous, time wasting and blind. But it's the one thing we all go through. What is love? We could go on for age debating. But the reality is, love is bloody stupid when cupid aint on side.


The End

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