Make that a "Maybe"

If you're reading this, then no doubt you know what It feels like. It doesn't have a single name among authors; some people call It inspiration, some call It idea, some call It some other i-word, some people call It by a name in their own tongue. We get It when we have a brand-new idea or motivation to do that amazing thing we call writing. Some of us get It by reading, too, or finding The Answer.

But after initially having It, we don't usually keep It. It gets buried under homework, groceries, parties, holidays, priorities, lateshifts, overtime, emergencies and hidden in the files that be your mind. Sometimes It is replaced by a different brand of It, something inspired by a dream that you also throw away.

It goes away. We-- authors, writers, poets and editors-- don't like having to go after It, because It is often hard to find, especially if you dig in a certain epic, chapter, or world trying to find It. We and It have a love-hate relationship. We hate It when we don't have It, and love It when we have It and can do something about It.

The best advice I can give to any It-hungry person is to plan. When you have It, write down as much It as you can in as few words as you can. Moons know how many times that has saved me from the flashing line that is a Lack of It. As a side-note, people who keep planners (or secretaries) are more productive in general than those who don't

For those of you who can't do that at the time, or simply don't have so much as an inner secretary, befriend this word: Maybe.

Maybe he could call off the attack. Maybe they could have mutual back massages. Maybe she could plunge to her death, only to sprout wings, and then suddenly there are these lazers and Talain explains that they came from 21st century Earth, a strange word, maybe there's a cyclops-- and no matter how crazy the "maybes" become, the maybes are your friends. 

Do you remember all those times you or someone else, maybe one of your characters, had to clamp down on their thoughts because they were flooded with what ifs? That's what maybes can do for you. I know someone who is absolutely plagued with maybes. She has Maybenitis.

But she never seems to have writers block.

The End

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