Cognito Ergo Sum

As I sit pondering what I should write next, I find myself falling out of the sky towards the fastly approching ground that threatens to make me go *Crunch!*

But before my impending doom is completed, I slow down and find myself in the middle of a squad of special forces racing through a darkly lit town.

I see that I am part of the squad, sporting all the gear that the others wear, but I have different weapons, a pencil and black 5 star notebook instead of different guns that the others use to cause havok and chaos behind enemy lines.

I see the next chapter play out like a movie, but one in which I am a part of. As enemies are engaged, I record their deaths in detail at the hands of the surgical instruments wielded by my squadmates who know how to use them ever so efficently. But what if I wanted to explane something from a first person view, or something like it?

Suddenly, as a enemy tank approaches, I become one of the squad's demolition experts. Thinking quickly, I reach for the AT-4 on my back and call over to my buddy with the M60 Light Machine gun to suppress the enemy while I draw a bead on the enemy armor that threatens my comrades.

Everything slows as I take careful aim with the sight on the weapon and fire. The concussion from the fire rocks my aim all the way up towards the sky. I drop the useless weapon on the ground and reach for my M16 that lays beside me and see the destruction I have caused. The enemy tank is in flames and is destroyed. The uncovered ammunition inside cooks off and causes more destruction, ripping into the enemy soldiers that had disembarked from APC's earlier.

I switch my perspective to one of the team leaders. I look at the Heads-Up-Display in my helmate to check where my squad is. I select two of them and verbally tell them to secure the package we came for. As they rush ahead, I see a small orange arrow pop up where I ordered them, it allows me and the others in my squad to tell where I just told them to go. Technology just changed orders from open, to closed.

Unfortunately, as the last of the enemies are wiped out, I return to the world of reality and find myself back in my room with my MP 3 blaring music or my Xbox 360 on, my headset and controller in my hands, and friends waiting for me to say, let's begin the madness. But before I do, I write down the episode I just saw in full detail, not missing one bullet casing, no one can know that we were there. And as I put the period on the final sentence, I hear in my headset, a military voice, the squad leader of the squad I accompainied, say to me: "Mission accompished, good job soldier."  

The End

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