Hopefully an explanation

As I like to let others know that I have no clue what I'm talking about and often times I am only rambling, I enjoy starting such things with a strong and confident "Uhh" or "Hmm" or uhh "..." thing that I have no clue what it is called, lets say purposful empty space.

So, after I've let everyone know that I have no clue what to write about I decide to develope some kind of idea to write about since that is usually beneficial to the writing process. Thankfully, when the planets align and the muses sing and the devine spirits of inspiration whisper in my ear I will already have an idea, but often not all of these things can happen at the same time, usually the muses haven't warmed up their voices yet and so I'm forced to wait for something. At this point I usually start writing about how I have nothing to write about which then quickly and effectivly rids me of any sort of writers block. ( just a sidebar: honk if you hate writers block) HONK HONK.

Another thing that helps me write is to try and be as oddly random as I can while keeping to a path that others would be able to follow, but since often I'm speaking and they are listening but this isn't a problem when writing and so the reason why I enjoy the scribbling of randomness (scribbling came from the root of scribe: a person who writes. that just strikes me as a funny side note of tivial pusuit knowledge)

so uhh, I know I just wrote that i like to keep to a path, but I forgot where I was going...hmmm...so this is the perfect point to brandish my new path machete and start in a new direction which involves spinning around in circles then running until my eyeballs stop spinning at which point I'm actually going in one direction- until I run off the edge of a c






The End

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