I remenber well within the inner most secret part of me when I want to write not for a living or a higher purpose,but because i need to say out loud and in words what i was feeling.

Do i get writers block ? The staring at a page and have no words to express my inner demons or the joy of life itself ?!! No...

Yes, i can almost see your head shacking in amazement saying it is not possible,and yet it is so.Remenber this, at one point in your life, have you ever felt more alive than when seating in front of a computer and writing to your hearts content ?

You can`t.

Can you ?!!

I am not surprise,because in my life i see time divided in working hours in order to pay bills;provide for my sons and the time i spend with my friends, and finally the time i spend here at this web site.

So we prioritize in life and if we have nothing to say, when we finally put ours bottoms to a seat, and face our great enemie; lack of inspiration.

I say tell yourself this: " I know me , I know what i want to say ."And let the words flow,and then at the end click on publish.

The road from there is one of edit and erase, but now you are a publisher.

There. Is this better ?

The End

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