what happens when i get into this kind of mindset

im to lazy to put capitals in the titleeeeeee


Right now I probably shouldn't be writing, because I'll end up doing something stupid or drastic like killling Andrea from 'Oh Captain, My Captain', or making the Moon and Sun in 'When the Day Met the Night' die in some sort of Romeo and Juliet-esque way.

Or maybe I'll just write a poem that's more akin to a tangle of brambles -something living, something alive but still a mess- or perhaps my writing will spur me to shout 'I'm asexual' at my sister just to get her to shut up for once.

Or I'll dump Coke (the fizzy drink, not the drug) in the lap of that boy who keeps hitting on me and had the nerve to almost try and kiss me once. I was just like, 'whoa, so not okay with that'.

Or I'll tell that girl that I love her and no, not the right time for that.

So really, anything I do right now will lead to the destruction of said thing.

So what am I going to do?

I'm going to draw some obscure thing, muthashrikers.

- Laura (HSD).

The End

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