Teenage Suicides: Erskine Bridge 2009



I need to walk across that bridge

between life and death, read

the goodbyes folded with flowers

add my prayers to your leap.


This is no longer a toll bridge.

Why did you spend your lives

offer the ultimate treasure up

and jump into that cold river?


Where you came from, where

you’ve gone – how could anyone

know you when you didn’t listen

to the beating of time?


Time would have bandaged all

your wounds, grown a thick skin

across scars, and battered down

the doors of bad memories.


I know that this is true. I’ve lived

beyond the need for death, laughed

at desperation and talked

myself alive again – whole


though some people might question

how whole and how sane but sane

enough; I am here to tell stories

and stronger than super-glue.

The End

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