Are dreamers masochists of life?

We all have our dreams. Some of us want to be actors, others painters, and others writers. But with dreams comes the big question: How far are you willing to go before you achieve said dream, or even worse, until you give up said dream?

In a society that guides careers based on brains, looks, sexuality, have we become masochists wanting to hear over and over again how we're not good enough while still striving to achieve what we want most in life?

Even if we were to stop dreaming big and instead settle for a simple, well-paying career, we still suffer through education and through job interviews that most of the time make us feel like we're lacking something. In a world where your success is either based on being the "top of the class" or "the beauty of the class", aren't we just looking for criticisms to try and make ourselves better?

I once spoke to a friend who told me that she likes to hear people say what they don't like about her writing. I understand that that is a particular way of perfecting your craft, but I also think that by the time you hear one too many critiques your body becomes immune to the pain of words. In fact, your body, mind, spirit, whatever, becomes so accustomed to verbal insults, to comments meant to improve you, that it seems like a new breed of unavoidable masochism is surfacing.

Kind of like evolution, only it's evolution of pain.

We are so adapted to wanting to fulfill our dreams, our brains ready to flush out the bad feelings and ready to accept any comments to improve ourselves, that it makes me wonder if we are just willing masochists in a wolrd designed to give us pain. Are our goals meant to empower us, or are they made to create a new level of masochism?

Are we just masochistic dreamers? Have we become lovers of pain in order to perfect what our dreams want us to be?

The End

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