What ever happened to pure unadulterated happiness?

We spend our lives struggling and fighting to reach the top of our careers, to make babies with that especial someone, to own a home in a safe town or city. Is this what happiness is about? Or is it about finding something that can be accomplished without the high blood pressure or the sleepless nights?

Sometimes we find ourselves smiling for no apparent reason and I wonder if those blissful moments are the events that make us know how much we lack happiness. I believe that there is a difference between the contentment we feel when we look at our high-up position in an office, when we stare into the eyes of our sticky faced children, when we cuddled into bed beside our seemingly perfect husband, and the happiness we felt when we first started our roads. 

When did we become so caught up in achievements and goals, instead of fulfilling our wildest, most crazy desires? When did we start putting the importance of money ahead of our dreams? Are people started to say yes when they should really be saying no? 

Is society really as happy as it appears to be, or is it just a sham, made to fortify the thought that none of us are purely, and unquestionably happy?

The End

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