What Ever Happened to Romance?

Challenging questions such as the given title.

Late night phone calls, extra tight hugs, never-let-me-go kisses; are they all extinct? We spend so much of our time worrying about who we're going to be with and where we're going to meet that special "one", that we forget what real love feels like. Is it about prettying yourself up for the blind date? Or is it about worrying about the rules of dating so that that one guy will call you back for another date? 

I may be slightly neurotic when it comes to the matter of romance, since it is everywhere it doesn't need to be. For me and my friends, romance is simply the last things on our minds in this slightly messed up world that we live in ruled by models and actors and ridiculous expectations. 

How can a girl get what she wants romantically when all she is worrying about is finding someone suitable enough to marry and feel comfortable with? Whatever happened to spontaneity, unencumbered

You tell me: when did women begin to lose sight of romance? 

The End

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