What do we Live For?Mature

         Sometimes, I stop to ask myself, what do I live for? Is it to please others? Do a honoring unforgettable task? Die without doing a single thing? Sometimes I'll lie awake in bed at night, wondering, what would other peoples lives be like without me, or what if I were that person, looking at me. How would I see me through someone elses eyes. Sometimes... sometimes we go around in life thinking, Oh if I do this everyone will worship me. Or what could I do to be the person I'm not. I've finally noticed... there's no point in being who your not, it's like trying to push to opposite magnets together, you can't be who your not. So then you wonder... what am I on this Earth for then? Is it to fulfill a purpose... or just to be here and entertain other people, be the low helpless person people want to make you, or just suffer if you make the wrong decision when your young? Well if people want to shove you down, to step on you and turn you into one of their other worshipers out of fear. Don't let them, I've been there. It isn't all fun and games.

    Then we get to the point of, what do you live for, what is it that you love the most. out of everything in this messed up backwards world. Drinking? Smoking? Having sex every freakin friday night with some random guy or girl you don't know? Or is it the good things of life? The fact you are loved by someone, or the fact of just being ALIVE? Ask yourself... what is it in your life that makes you happier then you've ever been? Then after that, ask yourself this. What are you here for? Do I want to be someone I'm not?

      I personally say no. I'm done with trying to be someone I'm not. Its pointless! Then what do I live for. Seeing another day? no... I'm here to live a life that has a purpose. EVERYONE has a purpose in life. No matter what you or someone else says. WE ALL HAVE A POINT IN LIFE!

What do you live for?
What are you here for?

The End

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