What Day Of The Week Do You Hate?Mature

What Day Of The Week Do You Hate The Most?

Monday is Monday Blues

Tuesday is Tuesday Boredom

Wednesday is Wednesday Midweek

Thursday is Thursday Doom

Friday is Friday Awesome

Saturday and Sunday are Weekends.

Public Holidays are Taking a Break From Office Hours.

Studying in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities are to gain the basic Knowledge of Life.

Studying Bible Study and Attending Church Services are to gain the basic Biblical Knowledge of Wisdom.

Being Single is the Best

Being in a Relationship is a Chore

Being Engaged and Married are Burden to Carry 

Having Children and Setting Up a Family are to able have Family Generation after the Death of Parents.

Heaven is where The Holy Trinity stays and The Book of Life are located

Hell is where Lucifer and Devils are located to burn in the fiery furnace of blazing fire.

Being a Baby is the Best because as a Baby, our parents still are taking care of us.

Being a Baby, there are no Stress of Life.

A Baby's mind is born empty and whatever the parents say or do, will have an effect on the Baby's mind.

Monday is Monday Dooms Day.


The End

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