12/9- Blessed FischerMature

Today we had another snow day due to icy conditions and persistent snow. And tomorrow we also have a snow day. Which means we have another five day weekend after thanksgiving. 

On Saturday I sled down my incredibly steep street into my neighbor's driveway, I brought out my mom's old Fischers and took them around the neighborhood for a spin and I created a very sad looking snowman without a face and with three-pronged arms sticking out of the sides. I have decided to name him Heatsucker the Fatso.

On Sunday after church I drove in the snow for the first time before going to the ice rink to meet a few of my nordic friends. After messing around for an hour or so on the ice we went over to the pizza place to get warm and stuff our faces with warm goodness. A couple of us also stopped by starbucks to grab a free black coffee which my friend dumped a whole ton of chocolate and sugar in. Those of us who went didn't even end up drinking it. I only liked it as a hand warmer. 

The rest of that Sunday night I wrote four thousand words as a continuation to my nanowrimo story and submitted it to some contest. 

Today I walked down the slippery slopes down to the main road to be picked up by some friends to go classic skiing at buck prairie. As I promised from the day before, I brought one of my beloved Australian stories to read along the way. The story is called "The Muddleheaded Wombat" and is basically the Australian equivalent to Pooh Bear. 

On the snow, I was relieved to finally get on real skis. The entire first half of the trail, however, was an uphill climb. Although it was extremely painful and tiring, I enjoyed the view along the way and going downhill was definitely worth it. I sped down the last bit and after it was all over, I remembered just how much I love to cross country ski. 

When I came home my grandmother was at my house cooking me dinner since my parents are out for the week. Although I have to yell at her to understand me, help her turn on the television and close the fridge, it's nice to have her around. At least she takes the time to sharpen all of our pencils and clean the cabinet doors. 


The End

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