12/6- Deranged? Possibly.Mature

Today was the day I discovered I am some sort of a deranged teenager. 

Yes, many self-proclaimed maniacal teenagers aren't actually insane in any way. Mostly its just because they like to sing show tunes in public or they eat plain bread or they still have vivid imaginations or they're simply high out of their wildest dreams, and all for a bit of attention. I must admit, I am one of these mock psychos; however, while I'm not really mentally ill, I'm also no normal teen. 

Today I discovered I love going to school. 

I woke up this morning ready for the day. I had plans, I had things to turn in, I had my work done. I was going to introduce my friend in Australia to the club I am president of over skype. It was a Saturday morning for her, and she was giving up precious sleeping hours to talk with us. I was going to talk to some teachers. I was going to bring home my clarinet. I was going to work out puzzles in PreCalc. I was going to talk with friends about Nelson Mandela's death. I was going to discuss some deep, mind-boggling concept in Lit! The list goes on!

When my little sister told me that school was canceled, I was in complete disbelief. After her tenth attempt at trying to convince me it was a snow day, I finally let go of my pride and looked outside. There was no snow. Not even a thick coat of frost. Nothing. I laughed, but she was still serious. School was canceled due to snow. 

My stage of denial transitioned into anger after getting a call from the school. Just because of some storm that was likely to come later in the day, they were canceling all of my plans. I went back to my room to waste my time in front of a computer screen, grumbling about the inconvenience of having finished my homework, only to let it sit for days. I wasted the day alone in my sweatshirt with an anxious dog who paced the house. I had to make myself lunch and dinner which meant my diet consisted of whatever microwavable foods looked to be under a minute to cook. I accidentally let a couple of chestnuts explode in the microwave.

As it turns out, the storm did come later in the day and we now have almost a foot of snow. Semi trucks are laying on their sides in town and my family is lucky to have returned home. So after wasting the whole day, I have finally come to the acceptance that maybe the snow day was deserved after all. Once I get my skis from my coach's place, all waxed up, I'll be able to ski again. There's a plus. 

Still, I wish I had school. 

The End

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