12/5- Pizza in the Antarctic OceanMature

Today I rode my bike to school in below freezing weather. I was bundled sufficiently, so the only thing that got cold was my nose. However, the great thing about below freezing weather is that your nostril hairs freeze and your nose feels crunchy and who doesn't want a crunchy nose?

In advisory I went to a Freshstart meeting where we were told we were to continue helping and loving on freshmen by discussing stress. We did a brief run through with the counselors, and I ended up tossing balls around and describing various stressors in my life. I have to be honest, throwing that little yellow ball was a stressor in itself. 

In my first grade class, I chaperoned a couple of girls as they dressed up their penguin art projects with buttons and pieces of fabric. One girl covered her penguin in buttons while another took an orange piece of fabric she cut into a triangle and claimed was a piece of pizza. Since the penguin's hand already had a cheerleader's pom pom in it, she decided to glue it in the ocean. 

During the their lunch two kids asked to sit next to me. The girl who had glued the pizza to her art project was very curios and asked me all sorts of questions about high school. She also told me her story about Santa leaving his hat at her house, and how he came back to get it. Her faith in Santa renewed my excitement for Christmas, and I realized I missed the wonderment and mystery of the holiday. One boy said there wasn't any such thing as Santa, but I made a pretty good argument to challenge his disbelief. Suddenly it was as if I became the Santa expert and all the kids were asking me about him. 

I am now thoroughly convinced that Christmas is the best holiday. 

After that I had Nordic lunch in the art room where I watched Bolt mutilate his orange, admired Rook's paintings and sorted out Julius' schedule. 

Chinese was challenging but fun and although I sometimes got lost in my teacher's fluency, I felt like I learned something. I also checked out this Chinese picture dictionary and a book with dialogue and English translation. This excited me more than it probably should have. 

At practice I ran a difficult trail with poles and a pain throbbing in my hip. I then rode my bike home, changed out of my sweaty clothes and enjoyed a warm mug of sweet chai by the fireside. I do believe I'm getting into the holiday spirit. 

The End

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