12/4- Carbon Monoxide DreamsMature

The entire month of November is apparently nonexistent according to this little journal of mine. However anyone on this website might know what that means, and yes, I did finish Nanowrimo. Although it was a second draft, there was no copying, and there was no gibberish or unrelated pieces of writing or any form of cheating. Just a month dedicated to solid writing. 

Anyhow since no one wants to read stories about me stuffing my face with stuffing or rushing to Black Friday just to buy half price socks, I will continue on as if November simply did not exist. 

Today I woke up early to check my cell phone. Under any other circumstance, this might seem normal. However, this was my very first phone that I had purchased not more than a week or two ago. The phone, an awkward, heavy thing, was turning out to be more of an inconvenience than a convenience. It meant that I had to talk with people I don't normally enjoy talking to and that I had to socialize more than I would like to socialize. The particular text I got the night before was to assert that Elvis Costello's "Alison" was indeed my song. My opinion shall be explained in one word: trivial.

My classes can be briefed by my discomfort in each. In AP Lit, I was thoroughly confused. In PreCalc, the temperature in the room was just a degree too cold and I spent the entire class bouncing my legs for warmth. In Economics I literally fell asleep and dreamt about living in a clear yellow birthday balloon as my teacher rattled on about taxes and the W-2. At least in band I could free myself from boredom and exhaustion by playing shrill notes in the upper register that were purposefully written as a deviation from the major chord...

The best part about coming to school today was that I got to knit during lunch and a Freshman boy showed me a card trick.

Now that Nordic season has begun, I've been switching off working out in the weight room and dry-land training with the coaches. Today was a dry-land day which meant running around the SOU bleachers, looking ridiculous with old pairs of ski poles, trying to replicate classic and skate skiing. Despite the occasional balance exercises, by the time I was done, I was tired. 

I called my mom with my new cellphone to pick me up, but she was at an ugly sweater faculty party and I was to come to her. 

I ended up sipping on hot apple cider and gnawing on fancy salmon munchies as I stood amongst the sophisticated professors, wearing my gross work-out clothes and running shoes. I stood in the corner and enjoyed eating little chocolate covered bites of cake while pretending to be invisible. It's too bad I was the only one in the room wearing bright purple.

Since my mother wasn't finished weighing samples at work, she dragged me to her lab. I won't go on to discuss exactly what her job entails, but know it involves trees, fancy machinery and tanks of various gasses. She's a scientist. Anyway as I sat in her fancy office chair, I dozed off. I soon woke up with my head resting against a carbon monoxide tank. To think my skull was only a few centimeters of metal away from a highly toxic gas... 

After coming home I gave up on homework and went straight to my room to write this entry and go to sleep. Perhaps I'll dream of living in a balloon filled with carbon monoxide. 

The End

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