10/31- Music and Hobbits and PotsMature

This was the first Halloween in years that I actually had fun. 

I'll start off by saying it was a white day which pretty much meant I only had one real class. I slept in, turned in one of my college applications, and rode to Rook's house on my bike. Once at her house I picked up all of her Lord of the Rings costumes, stuffed it in a big bag, and made my way precariously to the school. Fortunately it was all downhill so I didn't have to do any pedaling. 

I went to advisory dressed up in knee high trousers, a vest, a scarf and a green cloak. If you can't guess, I dressed up as a hobbit.

I then went to the best place to be on a Halloween morning- to an elementary school. In my first grade class I helped laminate cute Halloween place mats, parade around the school with kids in costume banging various noise-making objects, set up for a junk-eating party and helped kids draw pumpkin faces. 

The best part was that my day only got better. 

I then had "Nordic" lunch with my friends up in the art room where we all got decked out in our costumes. We had two elves, the four hobbits, a pirate and an assassin from Assassin's Creed. Yes, I am geeky and proud.

In Chinese we played Ma Jiang the entire class period, being instructed how to play only in Chinese. It was confusing at first, but once we learned it was really fun. It was sort of like a mix between go-fish and dominoes but not really either. 

I then went to the Halloween parade. Unfortunately I missed out on a picture opportunity with the LOTR kids and our school's honorary Gandalf, but that only put a minor bruise to the sugar-coated day. Anyway I went with a few of my band friends in their car to downtown to play in the band. Where we parked we ended up walking probably more than we would have if we had just stayed at the school because it was so busy, but again, a minor flaw. 

The parade basically just gives people a chance to show off their cool outfits. The number of amazing/cute/clever/truly terrifying costumes I saw was incredible. Also, people actually applauded the pep band after each song which felt nice since that never happens. Finally the majority of the people walked past the band and we were free to go.

I walked with Sandra through the crowd to search for the hobbits. While walking I had my clarinet out. I twiddled a bit, and at one point a woman asked to take a photo of me playing my clarinet. I agreed and we went on our merry way. Eventually we found everyone, and once we were all grouped together, split up once more to go to Elianna's house. Galadriel, Frodo, Pippin and I (Sam) walked back to the school to be picked up by Elianna's mother. As we marched through the middle of the main road, I played the theme songs on my clarinet, Pippin and Galadriel sang some hobbit drinking songs, and Frodo and Pippin sang some other beautiful Lord of the Rings songs. 

Once at Elianna's house we took pictures, watched the beginning of the Return of the King and ate pizza. We then went out as soon as it got dark to go trick-or-treating. Yes, one might argue that we were all too old to be out dressed up, begging for candy, but we had a back-up plan (performing for candy) and were just too darn cute to not go door to door. Since I was Sam, I ended up bringing one of Elianna's pots as a candy holder since I brought no bags of my own. I got a couple of expressions of shock and just enough candy to make me happy for the next few months. 

After watching a little more of the LOTR movie, I went home and fell asleep early enough for me not to regret the day the next morning. 

The End

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